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Marketing that's DeepRooted in your business

Introductory Marketing Services

Before we start working with you, we want to get to know your business. All of our marketing plans start with our Introductory Gameplan. This introductory period helps us develop a deep understanding of your business and the customers you serve. We'll get to know your team, start to learn how you work, provide a fresh perspective, and explore creative solutions to develop a custom marketing plan that delivers the most value to your business. At the end of this period, you'll have a custom marketing gameplan complete with an assessment of your brand, a targeted buyer persona, and reporting setup that's ready to implement with, or without us.

Kickoff Consultation

The Kickoff Consultation sets the stage for a successful engagement. 

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy combines an analysis of the current state and opportunities and provides a plan for closing the gap.

Buyer Persona Development

Buyer personas are fictional generalized representations of your ideal customers. 

Buyer Profile Development

Buyer Profiles focus on the Industry/Companies rather than the individual (Buyer Persona)

Technical Implementation

Setup & integration of analytics tools and marketing resources.

Content Strategy

A Content Strategy helps to develop content topics and themes and organizes your publishing schedule.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Integrate communications and operations between sales and marketing teams.

Reporting Setup

Measure the effectiveness of inbound efforts to demonstrate results and continuously improve.

Our introductory marketing services are included in the DeepRooted Introductory Gameplan.

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Marketing Plans

If we are a good fit and you'd like to work with us, we'll provide a quote for how much it will cost to implement your marketing plan. Marketing plans include design and media efforts that are adaptable based on real-time data, budget, and other variables.  Marketing plans typically start around $2000/month and focus on two areas Traffic Generation and Lead Conversion. 

Traffic Generation Services


Ongoing blogging activities bring organic visitors to your client’s website.

SEO & Local SEO

An important part of your marketing strategy, search engine optimization makes sure you are found when potential customers are searching for your product or service. We help increase your rankings across search engines and help you get found locally.

Social Publishing

Social channels provide an excellent opportunity to help bring fresh, qualified traffic to your website. We research available social channels, assessing the accounts you’re already utilizing and determine the best networks to pursue based on your target audience.

Ad Development & Management

Search ads and native social ads have become an important part of any marketer’s strategy. Ads can give proven content a more prominent stage, whether it’s in maximizing reach to an existing audience or launching campaigns in a new market. We help develop, manage, and report on your online advertising campaigns.


Harness the power of video across your marketing, sales, and service teams to provide actionable, personalized content to your leads and customers

Other Content Creation

The foundation of inbound marketing centers around content creation. We create content that speaks uniquely to your audience and different stages in the buyer's journey.

Lead Conversion Services

Conversion Path Creation

A conversion path is a process by which an anonymous website visitor becomes a known lead. It includes a remarkable content offer, a call-to-action, a landing page, and a thank you page.

A/B Testing

Optimize current conversation path to ensure ongoing that conversion rates stay steady or are continually increasing. Choose to test one element at a time and continue testing over time. Elements you can test include CTA copy, CTA graphic, landing page copy, form length, landing page layout, etc.

Not sure where to begin?

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