The DeepRooted Introductory Gameplan

The DeepRooted Introductory Gameplan (DIG) is the first step in our marketing process. This discovery phase lays the groundwork for effective and consistent marketing efforts. We take a deep and thorough analysis of your business to develop a custom marketing plan that works for you. You’ll learn about our process and we’ll learn how to best integrate with yours, providing you with a detailed plan of prioritized, ready-to-implement marketing efforts.

The DIG aims to unearth a fresh perspective on:

Your Current Situation

Your Brand Identity & Story

Your Brand Experience

Your Website Performance

Your Competition

Your Target Audience

The Buyer Journey

Where We Can Make The Most Impact

Less risk...

The DIG is offered as a standalone service rather than tied into the beginning of a long contract. This reduces your risk of committing to an expensive and long-term commitment before you even know what’s going on. Typically, this discovery process is included within a marketing agency retainer. With keeping our discovery process separate, you’ll better understand our process and the results you can expect before making a large financial commitment. It is our chance to get to know each other and prove to you that a partnership with DeepRooted is a wise decision. Based on the DIG, we’ll give you a more accurate diagnosis of what needs work, what we can accomplish, and how much it will cost. 

more insight.

The DIG is a two-month process. We first get to know you and understand your business, then we assess your brand, audit your website, analyze your competitors, discover your core audience and what they want, and develop a strategy based on our findings that will drive marketing efforts that make an impact.


After 2 months, you’ll have a prioritized, ready-to-implement gameplan including:

  • A  brand concept establishing the fundamental components to succeed in your industry  
  • Brand strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Website design concept 
  • Analytics setup with benchmark reports and KPIs
  • A quote for how much it will cost for us to implement the gameplan
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Be prepared. The map is not the terrain.

Take the time to discover the terrain before you start your path to success so that you aren’t lost halfway down the road. Your business is unique and a standard marketing plan that works for one business, might not work for you. If you’re new to marketing online, there are countless ways of reaching your customers. It can be difficult to determine where to spend your marketing efforts. You are missing out on potential customers every day. We can help you take the guesswork out of getting to those customers.

This is not a bolt-on solution -- and we don’t see ourselves as a bolt-on marketing service. We believe great marketing comes from within. It should be deep-rooted in your business. The times we live in call for it. Marketing is everywhere. Every interaction with customers, potential customers, and employees has an impact on how people see your business. We want them to see what you see. 

Think for the long term

We want to immerse ourselves in your business culture, history, way of thinking, etc.. It’s why we are DeepRooted. We want to intertwine our marketing and design expertise with your services to become a single force aimed at growing your business. 

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