Case Study: Website Redesign

About The Company:

Toddy Inc. is the parent company of Toddy Blends, a winery, brewery, and distillery, and Toddy Oaks, an indoor and outdoor event venue. Located in Katy, Texas, this family-owned and operated business recently built a new multi-use facility, home to the Toddy Blends bottling line, Toddy Oaks private event suites and Tasting Room, and Toddy Inc. offices. The new facility put an emphasis on the new Event Venue division of the business.


The Challenge:

With a new facility underway, the need to expand the Toddy Inc. website to include the new service offerings was crucial. The Toddy Inc. website structure included five separate websites that were outdated and poorly managed. The spread of information across multiple websites gave minimal information to visitors with very few calls to action and made it hard to manage for the family-run business. With an estimated average of 2 form submissions per month, the need to promote the new venue and generate event bookings was critical.

The Solution:

The need for an updated web presence and path to conversion was clear. What was unclear was the way in which it would be organized. Since the two divisions of the business, Toddy Blends, and Toddy Oaks are operated by the same team under one roof, we decided that the website should reflect the organizational structure of the business. The website was split into two sections, one for Toddy Blends and the other for Toddy Oaks. We designed each section to reflect the corresponding brand and made it easy to navigate between the two. We created a clear path for visitors to book events, implemented a responsive design to improve the user experience on both desktop and mobile devices, and improved page speed.


The Results:

increase in site visitors
Event booking requests per month
Contact form submissions per month